Temblar la forma

March 28 to
June 1, 2019

For the Mapuche people, territory is defined by everything that shapes the landscape: The earth, the sky, the birds, the
rivers, lakes, mountains, rocks, forests, wind and Pewna, that is the dream of the earth and the dream of the bodies that
feed the earth.

Sol Pipkin was born in Patagonia, Mapuche land, with all that baggage and ideas, building her being and doing.

Trembling shape is an exhibition that is conceived as a conquest of a unique, personal territory. Each canvas is
a landscape in which its spatial quality is reflected, the vibratory, what remains in our memory when we close our
eyes, or the feeling of the images that a dream leaves when we wake up.

This series of works began in Rosario, Argentina and ended during the artist’s residency at Casa Wabi, Oaxaca, where
the territory doubled and Pewna expanded.

Sol’s territory is already made up of all those waves, fired clay, tortillas, nopales, and fellow residents too.

“I go to the canvas as I go to sleep. I want it to wonderfully reveal itself, but I know that raw cloth absorbs watery paint,
and you never know exactly until what point the stain will grow. I like to think of the tradition of painting as an artisan of space. I work on paintings from their materiality, as if they were sculptures.“

You too, enter this exhibition like a dream and let your own landscapes reveal themselves.