Proyectos Monclova
April 27 to
May 29, 2021

“No thought is given about the summer when the snow falls Let a moment pass and we will love each other again”

Since Marcos Castro began to deepen his experimentation with the pictorial, he has created images that could be vignettes of a fictitious plot in permanent construction.

The works presented at this exhibition were all created during the pandemic, these particular times led Castro to think of idealized landscapes, conceived from the reverie of those people who are confined. Whimsical landscapes that are not real but exaggeratedly realistic. In some way could even be thought of as “cyber mannerist”.

These paintings are influenced by the artist’s continuous exposure to digital materials. They emerged as a way to exorcise the confinement and the impossibi- lity of accessing the “outside” conceived as both natural and cultural landscapes.

Using references similar to science fiction, “I know you from before” confronts us with images that seem to reflect a rupture in the matrix. Where Mesoamerican culture, social struggles in Latin America, emojis, pop culture references, nods to the aesthetics of comics and animation overlap and enter the same scenario.

They seem like different levels in a video game that is not unknown to us because somehow we are already playing on this console. Notes from a post-pandemic cultural imaginary where, while we pass the levels, we wonder what is “that landscape” that is waiting for us at the end of the game. 

Domitila Bedel