Machete Galería
April 28 to
June 16, 2022

With an artistic practice that moves between painting, photography and stained glass, Andrea Villalón (Uruapan, 1995) has developed a pictorial language rooted in an introspective and autobiographical exercise.

A meditation on the passage of time crosses through all her work: dried flowers and burned-down candles that, like a classic memento mori, recall the fleeting nature of life; moments of domestic tragedies frozen in windows; broken glass cups with sharp edges; an attention to bodily changes in the counting of gray hairs that appear while brushing the hair; and a birthday cake in which, as in another 2019 painting with the same conceit, her current age appears on a candle lit by a ray of light from a cloudy sky. 

Villalón represents an oneiric world, dissociated from the familiar, as shown in her play with that which reveals itself, disappears and refracts, in the sharpened details of her textures and in her recurring symbols. 

Largely influenced by her move to the United Kingdom, this series exposes the artist’s melancholy facet. Through elements of the sinister, contained violence and nihilist humor, it shows the vicissitudes of the every day, where the edge of a curtain over a nature scene confirms the theatricality of a spectacle that unfolds before our eyes. 

This is a body of work that not only reflects Villalón’s personal experience, but also, in a wider context, portrays the impressions of growing and navigating adult life during a historical moment in which stability and a sense of security hang from a thread, where all social expectations and the routines we associate with reality seem ever stranger and more distorted.