Piedras flotantes

September 20 to
May 4, 2017

This exhibition is the result of a failed investigation: based on reality but constantly completed by the imagination of the artist. Each work is an abstraction of the clues and facts Berruecos found as he descended into a narrative which was ultimately built as a work of fiction.

The starting point was a story he found on the existence of a Mexican concrete ship which sank on its first voyage. This project had been the brainchild of the then Secretary of the Navy, Heriberto Jara.

Astounded and intrigued by the existence of such a work of naval engineering, Berruecos wished to know more. However, the only piece of information he found was an article written in the Excelsior newspaper dated 1943 which made fun of the project. The article implicitly stated that someone had wanted to bury or ridicule this story, presenting it as a failure and making a point of the ship’s sinking.

Piedras Flotantes is a response to the lack of images surrounding this tale. Its intent is to give shape to a ghostly presence which seems to have erased an entire chapter from history (or so the artist believes).

As a result, each piece in the exhibition is an appropriation and an abstraction of different parts of this story, now written by the artist who responds to not having found what he was seeking by imagining and straying from the missing facts, creating his own narrative where the fascination with this concrete vessel is the only thing that matters.