New_on the Block Vol 3.

October 19 to
October 31, 2020

“Trastienda” is a space within Machete where we promote art among new collectors. While providing a platform to emerging artists to initiate or strengthen its relationship with the Market.

With the health crisis that we are experiencing, we decided to close our physical space to prioritize the operation of the gallery and thus reach the long-awaited “other side of the coast” … as safe and sound as possible.

New_ on the Block Vol. 3 is our first exhibition in this context. For the first time, an artist studio will host this exhibition and celebrate the emerging talent that is the spirit and the reason behind this much-loved project.

For this third edition, we chose four talented artists with whom we started to collaborate this year.

In their works, the real interwoven with fantasy; being awake with being dreaming, the present with the absent. With very different pictorial approaches, they achieve scenes that put in tension “the visible” and the daily.

I feel that this exhibition accompanies the rarefied state of mind in which these pandemic months have submerged us and forged an enunciative space where we can include and redefine our point of view.

Reality as we knew it wants to be replaced by an institutionalized “new normal” that suggests, unwittingly and against of its objective, that the norm is something mobile.

We can take this as an open invitation to be us who build our “new norm” from our trenches. Perhaps from this milestone, we remember more often that there is a powerful and subtle fantasy in addition to reality.

Floria’s, Sofia’s, Mariana’s, Christian’s, yours, and mine too.

Domitila Bedel