Línea infinita

May 9 to
August 29, 2017

Línea infinita [Infinite line] is a continuation of the work I have been realized since 2012. An ensemble of drawings on rock and paper that show the impact that the landscape of my surroundings in the city of Monterrey has generated in me. The craters in the mountains and big part of the pollution caused by the limestone excavations have given me sensibility and empathy towards the mountainous view of this city. Having grown up in a city surrounded by mountains has inspired me in an unconscious way since the beginning. However, travelling and going to new cities have made me more conscious of the beautiful panorama that has accompanied me through all my life. It has been difficult to witness the numerous extractions of limestone that little by little have been destroying the mountains of Monterrey. This is why I decided to make the drawings called Fragmento de un cerro [Fragment of a hill] and Grava [Gravel] so that I could rescue and remember the big scars of the Cerro de las Mitras. Having made the drawings directly on a small part of the wall and floor of the hill, I could feel with my own hands the damages caused by the exhaustive exploitation of this kind of natural resources. The hills and mountain ranges of Monterrey have provided protection and a fascinating landscape to the people of this city. In counterpart, we devour them insatiably to build our city and decorate the interiors of our houses. The rock, being extracted from its origin and worked with in construction, is decontextualized and that may cause a loss of empathy towards its source. It becomes something from a day-to-day to walk on marble floors and eat on granite tables. For these reasons, I think it is important to reflect on the processes these materials go through. To observe in detail and find drawings in the interior of the rock has inspired me to follow them with a line and have a dialogue with them. In the pieces named Restos del Topo Chico [Renmants of the Topo Chico], Venas [Veins], Músculos [Muscles] and Órganos [Organs] I have compared rock with humans. Just like us, rock inhabits the same environment in which we live. It has even been present for an eternity compared to our ephemeral life, despite of that we are destroying it in seconds without even thinking about the habitat we are taking away from many species of the local flora and fauna. I could not be the Cerro de las Mitras or the Cerro del Topo Chico, just like Walt Whitman (1881-82) mentions in Leaves of Grass, that he could not be that holm oak he saw grow in Louisiana. Hills are also living things, full of life just like us. We cannot rebuild what we have destroyed. However, maybe if we start reflecting on this we can change our perspective and feeling part of that landscape.