José García Gallery, Mérida, Yucatán
febrero 6, 2021

For the “Bonsái” exhibition, Diego Berruecos (1979) presents a series of photographs printed on metal that portray the collection of bonsai trees of Dr. José Manuel Berruecos, who is considered a pioneer in the genetic engineering of animals in Mexico.

The installation of “Bonsái” is conceived as a garden with small drawings on the floor made from clay tiles that the artist suggests as ways of navigating the space, as well as points of observation of the images at different times of the day depending on the position of the sun. Although the images are still, at the same time they transform and adapt in their relationship with the environment in the outdoor exhibition space, generating patina and alterations.

“Bonsái” proposes a reflection, as is customary in Berruecos, between political, anthropological, aesthetic and poetic positions, which through the production of images allow questioning on this occasion, cultural practices related to nature and its manipulation.